Wednesday, October 21, 2015

16 months old!

Couple of big things going on for our little guy:
1) I applied William for early head start today.  We are over the income bracket, but there are about 10% of kiddos that get accepted anyway.  The program is birth through age 3, early childhood teachers make home visits for about 1.5 hours weekly.  Fingers crossed he gets accepted.  Raising the bar for our little man.
2)  Williams speech teacher/communication specialist makes her monthly visit this afternoon to our home.  We are working on pre-req skills to master before looking into an appropriate communication device.
3) Our rec center has heated pools so starting tomorrow William will start swimming with mommy.  I hope he likes the water as much as Robert and I do.  It should feel very good for him, I hope.

Other than that, William is doing extremely well and surpassing where I thought he would be at this point.  He is getting irritated and bored and keeps us in our toes keeping him entertained.  He is smiling, has several facial expressions, and for some reason or another fusses more when I'm around!  Grandma Carolyn is doing so well with him, and I'm able to get so much done outside the home.  Then when I come home, he fusses! What's up with that? 😄  Now that he's over the ear infection and teething (for now), he's back to his routine and sleeping all night. 😴

Thank you for all of your prayers!  Keep them coming!  He's growing so fast!

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