Wednesday, November 4, 2015

William got accepted into Early Head Start!

William got accepted into the Early Head Start Program! Head Start is an amazing program that will help support his mental, social, and emotional development until he turns 3, and then he may transfer to Head Start or another pre-K program.  It also is a way for Robert and I to meet some other families in our community.  We are very fortunate as most of the time this program is for lower-income families, but sometimes they make exceptions.

We are very excited for this opportunity!

With the Early Head Start program, an early childhood educator will come into the home with supplies and ideas.  We are not sure of frequency, but I believe it will be at least weekly.  I've already met the teacher and she is great!  I believe it starts next week!  There will also be group meetings with parents and their children monthly if not twice monthly, and again, I'm excited to meet other families.

As always, we are setting the bar high for William.  Although he has severe physical limitations, he is proving every day that he is eager to learn and communicate!

Head Start is separate than the early intervention program he is currently enrolled in.  Within the early intervention program, he gets at home physical, occupational, speech therapy and also baby massage. 💙

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