Friday, December 19, 2014

William's 1st ER visit

William started a medication yesterday to help with his hypertonicity.  He had an unexpected reaction.  Instead of helping his rigid muscles and joints and help him to relax, it caused his pupils to dilate, he became extremely irritable, he had slow shallow breathing, he was in and out of conscience, he did not recognize Robert or me, and looked as if he was having seizures where he would stare off for a moment, then he would go completely limp for 5 seconds or so, then wake up screaming.

Currently, as of 8:30am Eastern time on Friday, William is admitted into Children's Hospital here in Pittsburgh.  He is hooked up to an EKG to measure seizures (I apologize if that's the incorrect acronym for that), an IV to help flush the medicine out of his body, and the other wires involved to monitor his heart and breathing.

William's adverse reaction is uncommon.  We came by ambulance to the hospital late Thursday night.

Robert stayed with William all night and I came back to the hotel for a break.

On a positive note, the medicine seems to be completely flushed out of his tiny amazing resilient body, he is eating solids (sweet potatoes, his favorite) and is resting comfortably.  Robert said he gave the doctor a good smile this morning, William's way to letting mommy and daddy know everything is OK.

We are still planning to go back home to Utah on Saturday.  Not sure if that will happen or not at this point.

I apologize to family and friends that we speak to regularly on the phone that this is the first you are hearing of this, as time is of the essence at this point. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your continued support.  Hopefully this was just a speed bump in an already ill-maintained gravel road.

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