Tuesday, December 30, 2014

William's transplant itinerary

This week's goal is to get William prepared for transplant next week.

Wednesday, New Year's Eve
11:00am - Echocardiogram
12:00pm - CT scan

Thursday, New Years Day

8:00am - meet with BMT (bone marrow transplant) doctor and the general surgeon.  Immediately following William will have surgery for his g-tube and central line placement.  After surgery, he will be admitted into the hospital.  He will need a few days to recover from surgery before transplant medications begin, which should begin by the beginning of next week.

We are hoping to be in the Ronald McDonald House by Friday.

We have amazing family and friend support. We could not do this without you.  It is going to be a very difficult process for our family and knowing that we have been blessed with amazing people in our lives makes an impossible situation less daunting.  THANK YOU.

Love, The Branches

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