Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ways to help

As many of you know, our son was diagnosed with a rare genetic (no family history) neurological disorder 3 months ago. About one month ago, he received an umbilical cord blood (stem cell) transplant from a volunteer donor to help stop the progression of the disease.

One year from the day of the transplant (January 22, 2016), I can ask for the mommy's information that donated her cord blood that saved my son's life. There is a chance she wanted to be left anonymous, but I sure hope not. I want her to see William and how her selfless act saved my son's life.

Did you know cord blood donation is absolutely free?

I didn't know that, I didn't know a lot of things about blood donations until my son was diagnosed.

There was a little 2 year old boy on William's hospital floor that needed a bone marrow transplant. He did as many rounds of chemo his body could handle while his family anxiously waited for a match. One was never found. That little sweet smart boy was sent home to die. Unfathomable.

William has received over 20 (yes 20) blood and platelet transfusions since we have had the transplant and he will continue to need them until his body is through healing. All from volunteer donors and without them, my son could have never received the transplant.

Many of you have sent wonderful gifts (Its honestly like Christmas receiving mail 😊) and many of you have donated your hard earned money to help us pay for William's medical expenses. And for that we are undeniably grateful.

But there's more you can do that doesn't cost A THING.

Have you ever considered donating blood? Did you know one donation can save up to 3 lives? I urge you to please educate yourself on the process and go to a blood drive and just ask questions. They screen you with several questions to see if you are even eligible.

Robert and myself donate regularly. We are not special, we are no different than any other folks wanting to help. But every 56 days we donate.

I'd never considered donating bone marrow. After meeting that little 2 year old boy I mentioned above, I am now on the bone marrow registry. I don't know if I will be able to save his life or anyone else's as bone marrow matches are much more complex than blood, but I'm sure going to try my best to save SOMEONE.

Please consider hosting a blood drive at your work or school. That's the only thing I can do at this point...I feel absolutely helpless when it comes only son's disease.

Cord blood donation is free, more info:

Host a blood drive or to donate blood:

Info on donating bone marrow:

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