Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 105

William's infection panel came back negative. They tested him for the most common. Since there are thousands of infections and viruses, it is assumed he had something and fought it off on his own. With his central lines, they are overprotective and act aggressively when a fever arises. William's numbers are considered normal again, although with an infection and/or virus, for any of us, there are some residual affects on white blood cell counts, hemoglobin and platelets. His numbers are all OK, except for one: his hemoglobin. It is borderline, so to keep it from dropping anymore before it rises again, he will be getting a blood transfusion in a few minutes. He hasn't had any transfusions in over a month. In layman terms, this is a way to "top him off" before we head home. Once his central lines are removed, this type of low grade fever will not require hospitalization. Tentative date for line removal is May 15 after his last IVIG treatment.
We are all well. We have one more night in the hospital to cover the "48 hour" window to see if any other issues surface.
I want to go home! So ready.
The Branches

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