Thursday, May 7, 2015

Post Transplant Day 97

Post-transplant day 97. We are really getting excited to head West. There is talk about having his central line removed the week of May 11, he has already started his day 100 blood testing and are now only being seen once a week as outpatient. He is getting all of his nutrition through his g-tube, although he takes some food by mouth (sweet potatoes remains a favorite.) He spends a good amount of time playing in his stander and going on walks with Papa and Gogo in his KidKart. Saturday is a big day for us here: it's Papa Ron's birthday AND William's 100th day post-transplant!
Papa Ron and Gogo Marcia will be taking off soon and coming back closer to departure date which is still 4th week of May, to help us move back.
Thank you for all of your support, as always. I'm so excited to start our new life. I hadn't even finished unpacking from the move to Utah!
Xo, The Branches

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