Thursday, May 7, 2015

Giving up is NOT an option

When William started having symptoms, I wasn't sure if he liked me. I know that sounds trivial, but I was the one that was always around and I couldn't make his pain and hunger go away. His eyes would look at me for answers and I didn't have any. For a long time, I figured he thought I was the "bad guy" and he associated my face and voice with pain. But, we never once stopped trying. There were several nights Robert and I would just hold him and cry (all of us) because we didn't know what was wrong or what to do.
Although the timing is a bit unusual (well, heck, his whole life has been unusual), I felt an overwhelming feeling tonight as I was tucking William into his hospital bed, post transplant 104 days. We have a routine where we sing (I try to sing), we hold hands and pray for our family and friends, and then I sit him up and lay his head on my shoulder for a hug. When I laid him back down, his mouth opened and I saw a little smile. It literally started pouring out of my eyes. I haven't seen my boy smile in 5 months.
I know this is kind of a sappy story, but just let this be a reminder to never give up on the ones you love. Even if it's too hard to handle, that's when you have to dig the deepest and try the hardest to believe in them, because giving up is NOT an option.
Take care of one another.
The Branches

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