Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1st head start visit

William and I met with his Early Head Start teacher today.  I had met her previously, but that was the first time William and Vanita OBrien met.  I think he is going to love her.  Carolyn Branch was holding him, and when Vanita was talking to him he kept looking back at Carolyn because he wasn't too sure yet (as he does with new faces).  But after a few minutes, he was making eye contact with her and sucking and moving his lips, all things he does when he feels safe and comfortable (or getting what he wants.)  Miss Vanita also brought him new toys to play with and they are just perfect for him.  She has a huge heart and I look forward to collaborating ideas with her.

I was apprehensive about him being ready to start "school", but I couldn't put together a more perfect combination: home visits, a great, wonderful, caring teacher, lots of new resources, and a stimulating environment for our little William.

Besides starting swim lessons, we will now be taking advantage of our local library and their toddler story time.  William loves books and being read to.  Anything with bright colors, music and anything tactile he can feel with his hands he loves.

We also have speech tonight.  We are working on prerequisite communication skills to eventually try out some communication devices.  He's almost 18 months old and is communicating quite well, I think!  He sure tries!

We are also getting some visitors tonight! Uncle William Branch, Aunt Angela Rankin Branch and family will be here soon.  William loves his little girl cousins and I love seeing how well they play together.

As for me, I feel like a got hit in the nose with a softball (because I know how that feels), just being a few days post septoplasty.  No bruising, but lots of puffiness.  I look AMAZING! 😤 So glad I can lay down a little bit with Grandma Carolyn taking care of William.

Much love from Utah.  Thank you for pulling for our little guy.  He needs a lot of support, and prayers, and love!

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