Monday, January 26, 2015

4 days post transplant

Dear family and friends of Sweet William,

William is proving time and time again how strong he truly is. It has been a rough past couple of days, which was to be expected by the doctors, but nothing could really prepare us for how difficult it was been for our little guy. He has the common side effects from chemo, and his pain and restlessness has been difficult to manage. His little body doesn't tolerate "the good" pain meds like Morphine; his blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature would fall as a result, even on a quarter of the minimum dose (which did nothing for the pain). Fortunately, there are several different combinations to try, but it takes time to find the balance. However, he did amazingly today with little pain medicines and sedatives, so I believe he is starting the slow uphill climb.

In addition, I came down with a stomach virus, great timing 😒. So, I am unable to visit my little man until I feel better due to his body not able to fight off viruses right now. Gogo Marcia, Papa Ron and Grandma Carolyn are on round-the-clock baby duty while I'm resting and Robert is at work. 💙

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. It will be about another week until his body accepts the donor stem cells, grow cells grow!

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