Monday, January 19, 2015

Two days from transplant

Two days from transplant day. William managed to give me a smile today, and how he found the strength to do so is beyond me. His white blood cell counts are extremely low and he is unable to keep feeds down due to nausea. He is getting nutrition through his central lines and the other three lines are being used for medication. The nursing staff here at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are exemplary; they are unmatched for sure. I am going to hold off on posting pictures until William starts to feel better, which will be when the new white blood cells start to multiply (2-3 weeks from transplant day.) But I will keep you all updated on his progress as much as possible. As far as the chemotherapy regimen, his blood work and symptoms are unremarkable. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. His hospital room is getting more colorful by the day from pictures and get well cards from all over the US. He is loved.  Love, The Branches

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